Choosing a Competent Wedding Planner



The first time I heard about a wedding planner was when I saw the Jennifer Lopez's romantic comedy 'The Wedding Planner'. It seemed a very western concept. It felt elitist. Not any more. Wedding planners are very much part of our Indian weddings and they are here to stay. The concept which was introduced in the last couple of years has become a huge hit among the wedding fraternity in keeping with the lifestyle changes and the convenience that comes with a wedding planner is embraced with wide arms. Not without reasons.


Giving a speech at your daughters wedding is an honor but can be quite scary! Here are some ideas and tips for your mother of bride speech to make sure you look like a really cool mum!


The Wedding Band is a compelling representation of the bond and vows made in marriage. It is said where is there is someone either male or female that you find extremely attractive. All your motives and intentions will be discouraged once you see that that person wear is a wedding band on his/her finger.