Elegant Wedding Bouquet Wraps You Can Do Yourself



The flowers are one of the key decorations at any wedding. The bouquets carried by the bride and her bridesmaids will add a beautiful detail to their wedding attire as they process down the aisle, and deserve to be as perfect as possible. A fantastic way to take a bouquet from pretty to marvelous is to decorate it with a pretty handle wrap. These are some elegant wedding bouquet wraps which you can even do yourself.


What could be more beautiful and feminine than a butterfly? Their graceful nature and pretty colors make butterflies one of the most special motifs to use for a wedding. These are some marvelous butterfly decorations which would add a touch of whimsy to any wedding.


If you are looking for a great domestic honeymoon destination, take a look at Vermont. With all of its New England charm, outdoor activities, and interesting places, Vermont can be a wonderful place to spend your honeymoon. This guide will give you some ideas on what to see and do on a Vermont honeymoon.