Finding the Right Dresses For Your Junior Bridesmaids



Junior bridesmaids are usually eight to fourteen years in age and play an essential part in your wedding ceremony. When it comes to buying the right dresses for them, you need to select gowns that not only match the theme of your wedding party but also reflect their age group.


Summer is tricky in a tropical climate where you sweat profusely. Applying make-up during summer is even trickier and to prevent them from dripping from your face is the trickiest of the lot. A bride must look her best on her wedding day. The aim of bridal make-up is that it should look good on photo. Contrarily, in most instances the bride's make-up looks overdone in the photos. Here's the point, you don't need loads of make-up to look good. Just define your features accentuating your eyes and lips. On the whole a minimalist approach is the order of the day.


Marriages are indeed made in heaven. But the actual wedding takes place on earth. It is precisely for this reason why probably more and more couples are in search for the perfect place to wed. No longer is it passe to have a wedding in a church or mandap.