A Brazil Honeymoon Without Sand - Really?



While a certain amount of seclusion is certainly a key factor in any honeymoon, to many couples the idea of solely spending two weeks on a beach, even with the love of your life in a picture perfect setting, just doesn't appeal. There's no reason why a honeymoon can't also be a good excuse to sample some faster paced sophisticated city time and happening nightlife.


Have you ever wondered why most of the wedding dresses are white? In fact, the original color of the wedding dresses were not limited on white but there were many other vibrant colors. Brides wore colorful dresses at the wedding to express their joy.


It may be appear glamorous to become a Wedding Planner just as Jennifer Lopez portrayed in 2001 with her role in the "Wedding Planner" film. But the duties of a wedding planner may be something that is far from being just glamorous.