The Mini-Moon Trend



There is a growing wedding trend lately: the "mini-moon". Are you wondering what a mini-moon is? As the name suggests, a mini-moon is a mini honeymoon, a short vacation usually lasting 1 - 4 days, which is followed by a longer honeymoon at a later date, usually within 6 months. For some great suggestions on planning a mini-moon of your own, read on.


Known for it's vibrant culture, the French Quarter, and celebratory atmosphere, eloping in the city of New Orleans has grown in popularity over the last several years. Unlike some other states, Louisiana does not require a waiting period for out-of-state residents who desire to marry within it's state lines.


Are you finding that planning your wedding is much more stressful than you ever thought possible? Are you finding it hard to choose the colors, style and decor for that big day, let alone trying to choose a wedding server set? Well, you're not the first.